Review: School of Heroes

School of Heroes

Wow, this is embarrassing. I’m looking at School of Heroes’s website, and in their bio, the opening paragraph says “Pure emotion with a dash of violence. Like art, but with punching. A safe feeling with the threat of danger. Enough power to rival a small war. Adrian, Tom, Asa, Dax, & Joel: We are School for Heroes. This is the soundtrack to our lives. Lets all reach for the brass ring. The birth of something very real. No one knows who is driving, but we are all along for this ride.” Why don’t you just gag me with a giant, sweaty cock?

That would be less painful then reading deeper in their biography, choking on things like “It’s like this. We play in School for Heroes because we need to. It is our calling. Doing anything different is unimaginable. We live solely for the high you feel when you connect with someone through music. In an era where processed garbage is being forced down the throats of “consumers,” we strive to produce real music that conveys real emotion for real people. It’s plain and simple. We exist to reach people. Our work ethic, our stage show, our songs, and our dreams are all just proof of that.”

Yeah! Team School of Heroes! Woooooohhooooooooooo! While these guys can’t talk themselves up (big fucking deal)  the band’s actually pretty good, kind of a Poison the Well meets Haste deal going on. You know, that screamy voice / non-screamy voice thing that’s so popular now. If you haven’t tired of the genre, you’ll be into this.