Review: Seether

(Wind Up Records)

Achingly reworked radio hash sounding like roadies for any third rate band that is still ripping off Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam vocals and blending them with guitars that ‘rock’ about as hard as Creed.  There are only two musicians credited with this.  And they live in South Africa.  Reason for forgiveness?  Nah.  Just a hope that physical distance will prevent much touring.  Aspiring to the personal depth of a Staind song, topics here are admitted by singer Shaun Morgan (vocals/guitars/songs) as a way for ‘me to say how I feel now and get it out’.  I love the arrogance of hard rock that thinks people care about your pain, and will somehow relate their own pain to yours.  Thus ‘sharing’ in your music.  It could happen.  But not with Seether.  Unless you normally overdose on what the radio feeds you as ‘meaningful hard rock’ (Papa Roach, Drowning Pool – which both had the same producer as this release, Jay Baumgardner).  I still haven’t figured out who is drumming since Dale Stewart is the only other credit for bass/vocals.  Shame, as for a two-piece the execution is talented, but the direction is watered down.  The few moments that actually show promise of something distinct (see the intro and verses to ‘Your Bore’) quickly slip into something easily forgettable.  Which is what this bands ultimate destiny shall be.