Silent Kids
Tomorrow Waits
Two Sheds Music

It’s not everyday you encounter a group like Atlanta’s Silent Kids. A traditional three piece rock combo with a twist of Moog, live samples and tape loops makes this band of new-comers definitely stand out amongst the derived masses emotionally hardcore groups.
Originally self released by the band on a limited edition run a few years back, their first full-length, “Tomorrow Waits” is being reissued.
A wise choice made by Two Sheds Music, considering the unbelievable psychedelic rock the album contains.
Like incestuous cousins of the Elephant 6, the Silent Kids are certainly pioneers in their own realm of sonic proportions, as displayed on “Tomorrow Waits”.
Mixing the standard power trio line-up with keyboard/tape loops gives the album a thicker and much more interesting sound to the majority of the eleven songs on the record.
With brilliant yet ironically sardonic songs like “Engine of a Lifetime”, “Miami” and the straight ahead rock of “The Laughing Horse”; “Tomorrow Waits” seems poised to be yet another overlooked sleeper of an album that most folks won’t get a chance to hear. Dig a little deeper and support the Silent Kids from Georgia! “Tomorrow Waits”: Good stuff for indie rockers who like a little Moog in their music.  

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