Review: Sinners & Saints

Sinners & Saints
“The Sky Is Falling”
(Bridge Nine)

If I told you this was a band created by founding members of Blood for Blood, the Ducky Boys and In My Eyes, I guarantee you would not believe me. This is no frills rock and roll in the strictest definition of the style. And it rocks like nobody’s business. Wedged into a delicate spot between the likes of Buckcherry and Guns N Roses, these boys kick out the radio rock jams with style and flair. Fuzzy guitars punched up by drumming straight out of the book of Foo and a super smooth bass backbeat. Microphone duties switch from rough to smooth and even combine on a few tracks, with severel splendid moments of group da da da’s and gang oh’s. The style even varies mildly as the album progresses, leaning towards new wave on “Never Too Young To Die” and metal on “Marquee Lights” and “It’s All Coming Down”. All in all, this is an exceptional standard-rock album from these veterans of street punk and hardcore. Bridge Nine comes through with the goods yet again.