Review: Slaughter and the Dogs

Slaughter and the Dogs
“A Dog Day Afternoon”
(TKO Records)

Old punks don’t die, they just release live records.  Slaughter and his dogs are just about as old as they come, aren’t they?  I mean, they’ve been a band longer than you’ve been alive, which has got to count for something.  “A Dog Day Afternoon” was recorded at CBGB’s and The Justice League (in San Francisco) during Slaughter’s 2002 U.S. Tour.

With a playlist that stretches over four decades, it should come as no surprise that the tracks on “Dog Day” are fast, fun, and surprisingly clean for a band that helped popularize the sloppy-fast style emulated by so many other acts today.  Highlights on the album include a tweaked out performance of “Who Are the Mystery Girls?” and a new song called “Saturday Night Till Sunday Morning” that reminds me of the Scooby-Doo theme song, the part that goes, “I love the way you shake and shiver”.  That part rules.  Slaughter may be damn old but they’re still pretty good.  Check it out and enjoy.