Review: Sleep Comes Down

Sleep Comes Down
“Wax Romantic”
(Uprising Records)

As I write this it is almost Thanksgiving and that makes me happy because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s a time to stop and take stock of the things that make us smile, the people that we love, and the crappy music that we can throw across the living room into the trashcan if we so desire.  Such is the case with Sleep Comes Down, an emo band that’s trying way too hard to wear their hearts on their respective sleeves.  Each mid-tempo ballad worms its way into the next with so many sappy sentiments that I’m actually scared it will gum up my CD player as it spins.

Chris Taylor’s vocals are fairly nasal, making it difficult to separate some of his lyrics from the annoying delivery.  Take these lines from “Forgot Everything”, the fourth track on “Wax Romantic”: “If I never told a lie to your face, then I would be lying to my own/ Honest, I swear, I saw it in your face/ You couldn’t care less now and I’m about to wax romantic about the first time I saw you.”

Yeah, that’s kind of cool, even if it is repetitive.  So why cheapen legitimate feelings with substandard singing?  I dunno, but it happens time and again on the album.  Anyway, it’s time to go get a turkey, so be happy you don’t have to listen to this one.