Review: Slick Idiot

Slick Idiot
(Cleopatra Records)

I am a sucker for electro-laced industrial rock when it’s done right.  Y’know, KMFDM, NIN, My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult (I know I’m dropping some pretty well known and commercial examples), but that is precisely the arena in which Slick Idiot manifests itself.  Not surprising, as this is yet another band containing members of the aforementioned KMFDM.  The bulk of the material here is supplied by Guenter Schulz and his driving, frenetic guitars coupled with the gritty and darkly unique vocal presence of En Esch.  A dash of glam-techno dresses up the essential difference between this and their previous works.  This sense of club fun makes this so very rock-able.  The beats are so strong, I actually got up and danced around my room.  No shit.  This metalhead has been known to lurk in the more industro-house orientated realms before and actually gets his closet-raver-fix going when prompted properly.  Doesn’t happen often.  Like a Werewolf to a full moon, a monster beat can move my ass uncontrollably.  And I know you all keep tabs on my ass moving…