Review: Snog

“Beyond the Valley of the Proles”
(Metropolis Records)

This project of Australian DJ David Thrussell subtly and artfully undermines the commodification of culture and the commercial inclination instilled in us all. The glib anti-capitalism may not be overt enough for the casual listener, but that is the radical intent of this music, obvious when listening to the lyrics. Such thoughts as these so easily blend with the beats, that it is easy to not notice:

“Now I wouldn’t want to advocate / Violence or bloodshed against the state / But if some fiendish criminal mind / Were to contemplate action of a similar kind / It’s a Justifiable homicide”

Thrussell has a strong love of “spaghetti Western” movie music and this influence can be heard on his album, here on “Businessman” which also nods to Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love”. Suitable for this Ennio Morricone-inspired substrate, Thrussell sings in a style imitative of Stan Ridgway. Like “Relax into the Abyss”, this album features the excellent, anti-commercial artwork of Chris Woods.