Review: Spock’s Beard

Spock’s Beard
“Feel Euphoria”

More on the rock and roll than your typical SPV release.  As soon as I saw the band’s name I knew I had to listen to it right away since Spock only has a beard when he’s an evil incarnation of  Spock in a parallel universe, therefore Spock’s beard is a sort of tangled, wicked kind of logic, and this band presents itself in that way.  It’s rock and roll like Queens of the Stone Age is rock and roll.

Spock’s Beard offers us accompanying keyboards, drastic shifts in tone and mood and play a kind of seventies rock that is purer to real seventies rock than all these bands running up and down the coast of California who claim to be big fans of seventies rock and roll.  Are you following me?  We’re talking Chicago Transit Authority here at their rockin’ best (25 or 6 to 4) all the way down to their swishy greats (Saturday in the Park).

Spock’s Beard infuse real seventies rock with a touch of nineties pizzazz (ain’t nobody developed any pizzazz for the first decade of this millennium yet), and it works out pretty well, but only if you’re a regular listener of classic rock stations, and I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t be if there was anything better on the radio, but there ain’t an “all Residents all the time” station for me.  What am I saying?  I’d be happy to hear this on the radio.  It’s better than most alternatives, but it’s not a good enough alternative to find its way into my record collection.