Review: Still Breathing

Still Breathing
(Solid State Records)

When I was perusing my CDs for the month I glanced at the backside of “September” and thought, “oh great, a chick singer,” which I normally have trouble with.  Then I threw the disc in and immediately asked myself, “how in the world could the singer of Still Breathing be a female?”  This chick groans and barks with authority.  She really sounds like a metal bitch!  Not that I would ever call her a bitch because I’d hate to be the guy that pisses her off.  The double bass drums and distorted metal guitars complement Dacey’s gruesome bellowing superbly.  While listening to Still Breathing I want to draw the anarchy sign on my head and watch the movie Event Horizon during the part when they see what happens on the other side.  The lyrics, although they are often hard to understand, are centered on hope and improving the world.  “September” calls for people to be thankful for what they have and not take life for granted.  This is a refreshing addition to the already loaded hardcore/metal scene.  This band is unique and has a good message.  Support their cause.