Review: Summer At Shatter Creek

Summer At Shatter Creek
(Absolutely Kosher Records)

Are you an insomniac? I bet maybe you’ve tried everything, right? Well, I’d be willing to bet you’ve never had a good strong dose of Summer At Shatter Creek.  Something impressive about the whole thing is that the entire CD was written, played, and recorded by it’s sole member Michael Gurwich.  The songs are well composed, melodic, and super, super, mellow.  Michaels vocals are reminiscent of Thom York, or maybe Wayne Coyne which I think personally is a very good thing.  Have you ever felt like a bird flying over vast plains or lush grasslands, carefree and independent of everything around you? Me neither but if you like semi-folkish acoustic guitars, well placed keyboards, and an unabrasive attitude, Summer At Shatter Creek is what you’ve been couped up in your room waiting for.