Review: The Superbees

The Superbees
““High Volume””
(Acetate Records)

WARNING:  “High Volume” contains some clapping.

Who likes Blue Oyster Cult?  You like Blue Oyster Cult?  Then keep reading.  The reapers, reuniting as this punkier, charming version of their 70’s gray energy, have returned.   Apparently, the new BOC line decided to take the Milli Vanilli route.  They created the music and then purchased state of the art androids.  They use these pretty boy decoys on the album cover; and on stage, the songs are dubbed through these artificial humans: very high tech deception.  This in turn appeals to a younger crowd. On the whole, “High Volume” appears to be another rip-roaring album from the guys who gave you “Godzilla”.

Post script:  If I’m wrong and Blue Oyster Cult aren’t wizard of Ozing this album and the Superbees actually exist then. …Well do you like Blue Oyster Cult?