Review: Supersuckers / Electric Frankenstein

Supersuckers / Electric Frankenstein
(The Music Cartel)

A true rock and roll split.  4 songs from the Supersuckers, plus one of them covering Electric Frankenstein’s ‘Teenage Shutdown’, and then 4 songs from Electric Frankenstein, plus one of them covering the Supersuckers ‘She’s My Bitch’.  This is all rock and roll.  The kind that goes well with a beer and bbq.  There’s a southern kick with an almost nod to country with the Supersuckers songs (not surprising is one knows their country band/rock band duality of past).  It’s one of the purest rock fixes out there and I highly recommend them.  The best (or worst thing) is the Supersuckers ability to consistently achieve a certain sound and vibe and caliber of song writing.  No more, no less.  Electric Frankenstein are cut from the same cloth, generally speaking.  Again, more high octane, no frills rock and roll, but not as clever.  What Electric Frankenstein do  illustrate is how much better Supersuckers are at the game when stacked side by side.  But this isn’t a competition, and it’s my jaded critic ass that’s doing the comparisons, when at the end of the day, you got yourself one rocking piece of… whatever they make CDs out of these days.  It rocks.  Purely and with a slightly southern fried good ol boy charm.  If you dig this scene, you’ve already heard of one or both of these bands and have rocked accordingly.  But then again, you might live in Wisconsin and have no clue.  Now you do.