Review: Symphorce

“Phorceful Ahead”
(Metal Blade)

First, the band’s name.  It’s a combination of the words “symphony” and “force.”  With this bit of nonsense in mind, I’d say Symphorce is neither particularly symphonic nor forceful.  Rather they’re just laying back and taking it like a bitch.  The only thing Symphonic are the silly keyboards, which are more of an after thought than anything fully integrated.

Wait.  The second song is far more entertaining.  It’s actually very good power metal.  So now we find the band in action and somewhat forceful.  Not symphorceful, mind you, but they hold their own amongst the bad boys of power metal.  The vocals are strong and unwavering, the drumming keeps strong fist-pounding beats and the writing ain’t too bad either.

Well, that seems like a rather sudden turn around from my initial reaction written while listening to the first track on the album.  Let that stand as a lesson.  Bands must put one of their strongest songs forth first on the album.  Lots of record reviewers listen to about the first three songs when forming an opinion, sometimes less.  I’m typically not one of them, but in a pinch I’ll write a review based on one or two tunes.  I know it’s unfair and try not to do it too much, but I’m easily tormented by music.  When it’s bad; it’s bad and I simply have to yell, “CUT!”

So, Symphorce, if you the reader have read beyond the first couple sentences of the review, isn’t all that bad as I was first positing.  Nay, to the contrary they are a remarkably average group of lads playing fair to midland power metal.  Yup, dead average.  But that’s a good thing.  It means around half of all power metal bands are worse than Symphorce.  So you see, this is a positive review.  God, I am such a nice guy!  Really.