Review: Tabula Rasa “The Role of Smith”

Tabula Rasa
“The Role of Smith”
(A-F Records)

It’s a rocked out indie band unconsciously taking steps not to be. Every time I think “indie rock” while listening to Tabula Rasa, they spice it up with some kind of rock that’s hard to put a label on. It’s not that it’s that dynamically unique, you got your standard rock outfit here. Pleading vocals with expression and range complimented by a jagged quick strum that the guitars pump on, similar to the Hot Water Music type rock. Interesting drumming that seems to make the band snap and spasm to a seemingly erratic beat, but somehow it flows together well. Nothing that redefines the state of music, and they seem to be cool in their “nothing that crazy new, but I like it anyway” approach. Attention keeps going back to the guitars when they interject these little unexpected hiccups, or trickling single notes playing against those stumbling drums I like so much. Since their name is a little to the left, and their music is just pleasantly good, I fear too many people might not give this band the chance they deserve. A few listens later, and I like them that much more, while I stand firmly in the “they’re ok” opinion. That’s the mindfuck of this band, while nothing to really point at and go “There, that’s what makes Tabula Rasa…. Tabula Rasa”, I still find myself saying, “I like this”. Yeah, I talk to myself all the time. Makes better conversation than most of you, cause most of you probably won’t even listen to this after I told you to.