Review: Tangiers

“Never Bring You Pleasure”
(Sonic Unyon)

Canadians.  I love Canadians.  They’re so pleasant, and they produce so much feel good music.  Why can’t Americans lighten up a little and follow our northern neighbor’s example?  Why?  Perhaps it has something to do with our lack of universal healthcare.  But truly, this album is upbeat, fresh, and very Canadian.  I guess you’d call it rock music; however, it’s got a pop element to it that makes it lively and catchy.  The band’s sound is pretty straight-forward but not overly simple.  In fact, the structure of the music is pretty involved, utilizing great breaks, bridges, and really infectious choruses.  The bass creates a nice, rich backbone with the inventive drumming; the guitar supports both the rhythm and the melody, and the keyboards are really fun and give the music a retro (and I use that term loosely) sort of feel.  The lyrics that I can understand are great, but the truth is that even when I can’t understand the words, the vocals are so well done it doesn’t matter.  I love Canadians and their healthcare, and I love this album.  I also love the Canadian government for financially backing this album through the Canada Music Fund (I’m being serious, they did).  Thank you Canada [sheds tear].