Review: Templars

““Phase 2””
(GMM Records)

I remember seeing Templars patches on people’s jackets at some street punk shows back in the day, but until now I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing them.  I have a friend named Nick who does old school skate tricks (like hand plants and manual board manipulations) and likes old school street punk.  I’’m not talking about the anarchical play as hard and as fast as we can types of jams, but more the low-fi types of bands you might see at a pub.  I guess these guys have a pretty decent following in Europe and most of the free world, but don’t have a particularly strong following in the States.  Despite, their simple formula of straight-up power chord driven 1-2, 1-2 street punk is a throwback.  After listening to Templars I need some “Badtown”.