Review: Ten Foot Pole

Ten Foot Pole
“Bad Mother Trucker””
(Victory Records)

I’’ve always had a soft spot for Ten Foot Pole.  I got into them more than other kindred spirits such as NOFX or Assorted Jellybeans.  “bad mother trucker” is more of the same from this fast-paced, short-song (12 songs, 29 minutes), melodic punk band.  It’s hard to believe this band has remained intact through nearly ten years filled with tragedies and numerous line-up changes.  These guys have sure been around the block and back again.  Bands who have survived the dangerous road of life show their wisdom in their music and Ten Foot Pole is no exception.  Melodic punk was my thing between the ages of twelve and sixteen.  I sort of stopped following the scene because it all started sounding the same.  For some reason I never got sick of Ten Foot Pole though.  I think it’s because I constantly lost their albums immediately after I bought them.  Ok, old fans you won’t be surprised, but will be satisfied.  Prospective fans, Ten Foot Pole is tight-ass melody punk.