Review: Terror 2000

Terror 2000
“Faster Disaster”
(Nuclear Blast)

I assumed I’d immediately tear this stupid looking album a new asshole but I don’t think I will.  The album appeals to the fifteen year old little mid-eighties thrasher boy that still lurks somewhere deep inside my decaying alcohol ravaged corpse.  The band’s straightforward speed metal approach won’t be earning them many fans, but it should be noted they seem damn good at what they do right down to an old school looseness in the drum track reminiscent of early drunk thrash like Tankard.  They’re speed metal sound seems to derive equal sources from both sides of the great Atlantic pond with some basic touchstones being Anacrusis, Exodus and Kreator and they most likely have their heartiest competition in contemporary bands such as The Haunted and Soilwork.  It’s enjoyable but you’ve heard it all before fifteen years ago.