Review: The Actual

The Actual
“Songs on Radio Idaho”
(Eyeball Records)

Cool, I just found a flask of Jaggermiester in the jacket pocket of the coat I was wearing last night.  I have no fuckin’ clue where that came from but it’s a pleasant surprise.  I’m just gonna throw that badboy in the freezer for a few and I’ll be ready to kick off Saturday night.  You know what’s way less exciting?  The Actual.  Boring pop rock, I’d be surprised if they even played this on Idaho radio.  Idaho’s got better shit going on, like potatoes, an interesting shape and close proximity to Canada.

This ho-hum release from The Actual is manufactured pop at its cookie-cutterest.  Vocals aren’t bad but are far from original, the music seems to be the same tempo the whole time.  The changes and hooks are predictable and will not make you feel special.  Well, the sun has gone down, I’m weary of “Songs on Idaho Radio” and I’ve got a little something waitin’ for me in the freezer.