Review: The Beautiful Mistake

The Beautiful Mistake
“Light A Match, For I Deserve to Burn”
(The Militia Group)

Someone was so behind this release, and wanted us to check it out in advance so they burned us a CDR.  The first one didn’t work.  They sent another.  It sat in a pile way too long as I am a busy guy.  Apologies.  The album is out.  The band has toured.  Thousands of girls have creamed in their emo-indie panties.  Well, maybe not thousands, but I bet a couple got swept up in this, the new blueprint of emo-indie rock.  I will keep using that word because it fits so many bands utilizing this generally sweeping melodic rock, with that one singer who sings ‘hardcore’ even though the rest of the band is doing something on a completely different level.  Sometimes it works (see:  Thursday).

The only ‘mistake’ the Beautiful Mistake makes is trying to give their music that ‘edge’ through the rough vocalist.  It’s just not needed.  The main vocals have enough range to cover the ground of the fairly inventive indie rock the band is laying down.  The songs have lots of little breakdowns and breakouts that give the impression that there is a lot going on, but it seems to keep in line and not wander past the idea of a ‘song’.

Overall, this is a genre filler.  The aforementioned Thursday, Saves the Day, This Day Forward… Any band with ‘day’ in their name … will most likely be found in the same library.  It’s a passionate attempt and perhaps when this band stops sounding so much like the above, and grows more into their own direction, the situation will change.  For now, their talent should appeal to the emo-indie set that like a little edge in their melodies, even when it’s not needed.