Review: The Black Keys

The Black Keys
(Epitaph / Fat Possum Records)

Every review of The Black Keys asserts that they are not The White Stripes. Like The White Stripes there are only two members, a drummer and ax-man. The keys contain two males while the stripes are co-ed. But I have to give my “best rock duo” award to the keys. Scratchy blues and funky skins make these two guys from Ohio (yeah, Ohio) a step ahead of the stripes. I love you Meg, but you got nothing on key’s drummer Patrick Carney (doubling as the album’s producer). What other band pulls sounds from post mop-top Beatles and pre-death Hendrix into such a cohesive sound?

Others have said the keys have a created a near perfect album, but I say the keys have hit the perfect album mark. To keep up with the irresistible urge to compare with The White Stripes, thickfreakness is for the keys what White Blood Cells was for the stripes. This album should put The Black Keys in the ear of everyone who enjoys good music. This is not everyone’s cup of bitter coffee though. If the stripes are not your thing, neither are the keys. But for anyone who likes a little Neil Young once in awhile with a Miller Hi-Life, the keys are a perfect fit. Try on “Have Love will Travel,” fire up your lawn chair, sit back and enjoy.