Review: The Bruces

The Bruces
““The War of the Bruces””
(MISRA Records)

Country influenced indie rock has never sounded so fucking good.  This album “The War of the Bruces” single handedly sums up the best parts of the alt. country movement and has me wishing I was born a rhine-stone cowboy home fed on pure Americana.  Alex McManus, essentially the Bruces because he plays every instrument, is a major contributing member of Lambchop (who is pure and simply epic), Vic Chesnutt and Empire State.

After opening for Bright Eyes on their last major tour The Bruces have already started to take over the world with their organic music.  In fact, members of Bright Eyes played with Alex he played in Bright Eyes on the last tour.  I’ve heard that Conor Oberst is one of The Bruces biggest fans.  The Bruces like John Vanderslice, Beck, Richard Buckner, Lambchop and the like are willing to dabble in all different types of instruments and musical influences which creates one diverse album that is both memorable and essential.  As a connoisseur of music I think you’d be insane not to pick this one up if you haven’t already.  The miasma just got bigger!