Review: The Damned

The Damned
“Grave Disorder”

I am a huuuuuuuuuuuge fan of the Damned, so needless to say I was scared as hell to hear this album.  It’s been a long damned time.  These guys managed to pump out the first UK “punk” single before the Sex Pistols got around to it.  Olllllllllllllld.  So I was expecting to hear some burned-out, loser-rock crap and was more than pleasantly surprised to hear the Damned both still sound like the Damned and aren’t just re-hashing the hits either.  Hmmmmm…  tongue-in-cheek as ever with a full, hard-hitting, punk, goth-a-billy, psychedelic sound.  Some of the lyrics are a bit silly, but that’s nothing new for Mr. Vanian.  Regardless, the Damned are still in top form here.  Man, remember these guys were doing Love covers back before everybody else thought it was cool?  I can only hope I’m doing something that’s this good if I ever manage to reach their age.  Damn, damn, damn…