Review: The Desert Fathers “The Spirituality”

The Desert Fathers
“The Spirituality”
(Three Spheres)

I find it hard to believe that it took more than 3 years and 7 studios to complete this album or any other album for that matter (and how could it still clock in at less than 30 minutes!). My first impression is that either the Desert Fathers are trying to be over critical or these musicians just suck ass at their instruments. When I did my first smell test, I thought these guys were really into the Owls and Ghosts and Vodka because I could tell they are meticulous architects who will spend tons of time on the smallest details just like the aforementioned. Also, the combed over soundscape reminds me of the secret garden when I close my eyes and reach for Zen. I think I’ve had a few heavenly dreams while this album was playing in the background. I get the feeling that frontman Acquaman (a member of the Forms) is just as thwacked out as Matt Talbott (Formerly of Hum and currently of Centaur) who did some production on “The Spirituality”. It took me some real time to understand this album and let it all go into the wishing well is still flip pennies into at the Mandarin restaurant. Look for loops psycho freakouts, calculated bleeping, and mental disorientation.