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I don’t know shit about these guys even though they are “San Diego Garage Rock Royalty”. That statement bears no weight since I live in a cave. Part of me thinks I should care but part of me just likes that Motorhead sounding riff in the first track. The Dragons pour it on with impassioned vocal deliveries and just enough of a break neck pace to keep you on your toes with out sucking the energy from you. I’m not sure I know what that means but they bring it and giver till she’s done ay. Part of the reason this record comes across that way is it was recorded mostly live in just 3 days including the vocals. This is a testament to a tight band who tours a lot which the Dragons do. They have their shit down. Their press dealy that came along with the CD describes “Sin Salvation” as ferocious and for the most part I haveto agree. I get tired of In your face choruses after a while but then there is no accounting for taste. ” Sin Salvation” is infectious balls out rock that anyone who every wore a jean jacket will like and anyone into straightforward honest jams will love…because it does..jam. So go check it out or even better find them on tour somewhere and get the full effect.