Review: The Extra Glenns

The Extra Glenns
“Martial Arts Weekend”
(Absolutely Kosher Records)

From the minute I heard the first notes I knew these guys were something special; special ed that is.  The Extra Glenns is an ingenious mixture of quasi-acoustical rock with a little country thrown in.  I hate country so I was glad they used the style just to flavor and not base their songs on.  Imagine, if you can, They Might Be Giants without any keyboards and drums and you get The Extra Glenns.  Saying that Glenn B and Glenn D are eclectic is an understatement!  The best aspect of this album is the fact that is a truly acoustical journey with just guitars, bass and an occasional piano line.  “Baltimore” is the album’s first cut.  Who writes a song about Baltimore?  The Extra Glenns do and it’s a pretty kool song.  “Twelve Hands High” is a different song with grooving guitar rift and complains about “pressure coming down on me”.  You can’t forget “Going to Morocco” with its rocking rhythms and lyrics about a trip to a strange place.  Throughout the album the style stays pretty much the same but is done differently each time which lends some variety to the whole shebang.