Review: The Ghost

The Ghost
““This Is A Hospital””
(Some Records)

Intriguing rock with emo tendencies and intelligent song structures. I can hear Fugazi playing in the background of these guys lives. The guitars are angular and climb and fall in a swooping pattern, churning and chiming at times, but never dominating the musical image. The drums are sparse and almost muted for an ethereal resonance and then jump up to crash around the band as they drive trim, lurching melodies. The vocals are earnest and never extend past their range which is admittedly limited, although Brian Moss goes from a whisper to a scream with elegance and ease.  And there’s an almost intangible richness hidden in the tones under the crushing simplicity of the guitar, bass and drums. The Ghost has many thanks to give to board maestro Steve Albini, who makes this more than just a good album. What helps this band, too, is the shrewd lyrical content, telling stories to pique and maintain interest. The song “Diffuser” jumps out as the perfect demonstration of The Ghost’s power. An understated power achieved through honest emotion and extending real life into music. Rarely do bands make sounds as zealous as these. Major labels, prick up your ears, this is the real rock. True musicians playing heartfelt music for true fans of the art.