Review: The Gravity Index

The Gravity Index
(Modern Radio Record Label)

Whenever you hear a saxophone, I’m convinced one of the following three images comes into your mind.  Your options are either, A) Bill Clinton; B) Lisa Simpson; or C) Rob Lowe’s character from “Saint Elmo’s Fire”.  I personally go with Rob Lowe every time.  The Gravity Index is an indie-screamo band that does its best to incorporate the saxophone into their act.  The music is edgy and heavy, reminiscent of Hot Rod Circuit’s first album and it should come as no real surprise that the saxophone is often relegated to the back of the bus.

At a mere six-songs, it’s tough to read too deeply into the futures of this talented fivesome, but there are all sorts of highlights on this little EP worthy of note.  Nick’s visceral vocals and Kurt’s infectious hooks make for an enjoyable listen, especially when coupled with the Brian’s spot-on drums.  There are times when it’s a little too dark and, I’ll admit, the sax is occasionally as out of place as a straight-edger at a Phish show, but still, I like it.  And goddammit, that’s what’s important.