Review: The Jealous Sound

The Jealous Sound
“Kill Them With Kindness”
(Better Looking Records)

Blair Shehan (singer of The Jealous Sound) has such a wussy voice, it’s so soft and cuddly, I feel like a fag for just liking it so damn much.  It’s all faint and whispery and “Dear, let me write a beautiful song about us” and then he gets laid by some hot indie rock chick with dyed red hair and overalls with a little black shiny backpack.

And the rest of the band is standing right behind Shehan going “Hey, look at our sensitive music.  It’s all pretty and shit to… so c’mon girls… look at us”, but then they think that they better rock a little so they don’t get the crap beat out of them.  And damn if they aren’t getting laid by that indie-rock chicks hot cousin and her friends from Minneapolis.

Every song The Jealous Sound writes sounds like it’s supposed to make someone cry.  Like, “Here, take all this emotional shit, how you like that?! Feel’s good huh!”  There is just an underlying “importance” here in the delivery of the lyrics and music.  Built though soft builds and subtle crashes.  They spark best when they put a little pepper in there, stop worrying about the chicks so much and just rock.  They are almost Hey Mercedes cool that way.

I bet these guys are really nice in person as well.  Fags.  Making me like their fag music so damn much.