Review: The Movie Life

The Movie Life
“Has a Gambling Problem”
(Drive Thru Records)

With smooth vocals and a little more creativity, Movie Life breezes thru their second EP release, now on Drive Thru records, pausing only to struggle with a bit of an identity crisis. Are they emo? Melodic punk? TML could very well open for different variations of the current pop culture music, like Thursday, Saves the Day, or Blink-182 and still win fans over. I guess it’s nice to be that versatile. Walking on Glass, the first song, is probably the most parturient use of thinking-outside-the-box song structure, and after listening, you’ll crave more, even with the tongue-in-cheek lyrical style like “Why can’t I understand/ What’s inside you/ Is it just guts and black stuff/ I’ll find out soon.” See this band live, and smack singer Vinnie upside the head until he agrees to release a REAL full length album.