Review: The Paper Chase

The Paper Chase
“God Bless Your Black Heart”
(Kill Rock Stars)

Beautifully ugly.  If ever a band encompassed those adjectives, it’s The Paper Chase.  The music is so instrumentally crafted (pianos add to that feeling) yet something is always slightly askew.  Intentionally de-tuned.  Purposefully rubbing you wrong while trying to convince you it’s right.

The piano calls to mind the more somber works of Roger Waters (Pink Floyd).  The lyrics tend to match the music, showcasing a dry, dark, sardonic wit.  Song titles like “One Day He Went Out For Milk And Never Came Home”, “Now We Just Slowly Circle The Draining Fishbowl”, “Abby, You’re Going To Burn For What You’ve Done To Me” and “Dying With Decent Music” give a small insight to the dementia put to music that is John Congelton.  He produces, writes, engineers and mixes the music so he is dubbed one of those ‘disturbed genius’ types.  And we all know those are the people who can translate their passion into art the best.

The Paper Chase are evidence of this argument as everything they’ve released has been nothing short of uncomfortable accomplishment.  Melody with a scar.  Music for the maligned.  Songs that are the equivalent of poking that hole in your tooth with your tongue.  It sorta hurts, but feels good at the same time and becomes an addicting, if not a self-destructive habit.

The Paper Chase are the hole in my tooth.