Review: The Prom

The Prom
““Under the Same Stars””
(Barsuk Records)

A Seattle based piano, bass, and drums trio is an excellent change from the standard indie rock sound that focuses on guitars.  I am a huge fan of piano based music and if your not you should give it a try.  The Prom gives indie icons Bright Eyes a run for their money with their somber, challenging effort “Under the Same Stars.”  The Prom takes a much more laid back approach than their counterparts Bright Eyes (if this is possible) who is normally a little more in your face.  I love the use of strings, flute, and horn throughout the album.  My favorite track would have to be “Living In The Past” which is about not being able to let go and learning how to change.  Singer James Mendenhall has an absolutely amazing voice.  It seems he fell in love with the piano after playing guitar for years.  It sort of reminds me of Jets to Brazil singer Blake Schwarzenbach who was the guitarist for Jawbreaker before focusing on the piano in JTB.  I really like the feeling I get from listening to these guys.  The Prom also has a “super-fan” by the name of Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie.  It seems Walla liked The Prom so much he produced, recorded, and played on their first Barsuk release “Saloon Song +2.”  Wow, support from an indie rock icon, what other convincing do you need to get this record?