Review: The Reign of Terror

The Reign of Terror
“Sacred Ground”
(Limb Music)

Typically a review should start, one would think, with a description of the music or a simple statement indicating the band’s genre.  In this case the genre is clearly spelled out for me right on the sticker stuck directly to the booklet, “U.S. Power Metal.”  This is not your European Power Metal or even your Psuedo-European Power Metal; it is U.S. Power Metal so don’t even think about it you filthy pinko commie scumfucker!  Either you’re with the United States Power Metal or you’re against the United States Power Metal.  There are no two ways about it.  Wait, actually that is two ways.  Okay, then there are no three ways about it.

The Reign of Terror features quite an astounding little guitar virtuoso with a Danzig haircut going by the name of Joe Stump.  You can find out more about Joe Stump by checking out  If after checking out you find yourself wanting to know more then you can check out, and even the inappropriately named  The Reign of Terror also features former Loudness and Yngwie J. Malmsteen howler, Michael Vescera.  Mike gives it his U.S. Power Metal full throated best by impassionedly belting out even the lamest of lyrics as if they’re a proclamation against the world’s injustices.  Sadly, the lyrics have nothing to do with the world’s injustices, but rather focus on such topics as fear, living for today and stalking.

Death to false metal!