Review: The Sabians

The Sabians
““Beauty For Ashes””
(The Music Cartel)

It is so hard for me to be mean to a band which is obviously performing from the heart.  “Beauty For Ashes” at 8 tracks and 59+ minutes (49 minutes of music the rest raining) is just so hard to stay interested in.  A few of the tracks seem to drag on as if they will never end.  The only track which captivated my mind is track 8 which ironically is called “Lull,” but that song is about not sleeping because others are suffering and instead of sleeping you should weep for those who suffer.  Then at the end of the disk it rains for about ten minutes and I think this means they’re sad.  Personally, human rights are very, and I mean very important to me, but I love to sleep.  Since the disk is long and sluggish, I’m going to keep this short.  If you like modern rock with hints of punk, metal, folk and the like with long and drawn out breakdowns, buy this album.  These guys have a good message, but I found them trying.