Review: The Wolfnote

The Wolfnote
“Si! Si! Si!”
(Faraway Records)

No! No! No!  That’s a low blow huh!  It’s not completely true, it’s just the first thing that I thought of when I started this review.  The Wolfnote reminds me of a certain type of band, a band that plays aggressively, methodically, and pretty on point.  The problem is that for some reason it’s hard to make a connection to them.  I don’t “feel it” as some may say.  It’s like reading on the can and you get that winning push, whatever you were reading during that push probably didn’t fully stick in the ole’ noggin’.  Most likely you’ll have to re-read or move on.  I’m still deciding which way to go on this one, but I’m leaning toward move on.  I can relate them to bands like Drive Like Jehu, or more recently to bands like The Plot to Blow Up The Eiffel Tower.   They have that spazzy, angry vibe but you know there’s not really that much testosterone goin’ around.  The last tune in particular, “Au Revoir De Beauvoir” (that might not be the title but they were arranged funny on the back) is the easiest to swallow, but has moments of mellow drama.  If you have a reading poopoo problem like me, you might need to work with “Si! Si! Si!” a little.