Review: This Day Forward

This Day Forward
“In Response”
(Equal Vision)

Remember back in the day when you fucking loved everything on Revelation Records? And so, if Youth of Today thanked Side by Side and Gorilla Biscuits and Bold in the liner notes, you’d go buy all of those records (even though you’d think, “Gorilla Biscuits? That doesn’t sound hardcore. Are they even straight edge? Fuck it, Ray of Today likes em. They gotta be good).

And actually they were at least okay. The point is, with most hardcore labels, you pretty much know what you’re going to get. And while Revelation has diversified oh so slightly, none of the stuff is so far out there. And so I looked at this disc and checked it was on Equal Vision. And then checked the positive-like band name, This Day Forward. Man, I knew exactly what I was gonna get.

Ever notice that bands with nothing to say but dog-tired cliches latch on to talking about seizing the day, and therefore put the word day, or some derivative thereof, in the title of their band and/or titles of songs and/or albums? Seriously, any band besides Youth of Today with the words today, day, today is the day, tomorrow or any day of the week like, um, Thursday, should just up and quit now or just fucking die or something (except Kill Me Tomorrow). But this applies to you, This Day Forward. Your formulaic slowed-down hardcore is like a hair’s width away from an Incubus demo.