Review: Throwrag

Throw Rag
“Desert Shores”

Fun drunk sailor punk.  They have a washboard player.  Rocked up punk nuggets that a have a sense of a good time with their easy to hit sing-a-long choruses.  This isn’t rocket science, but ask someone from Throwrag, and they’ll probably tell you they are a rocket scientist.  It’s kind of like the Vandals without the stupidity.

Like a Ramones attitude filtered through a Supersuckers sense of rock and roll.  And when that washboard player throws down for a solo break… lookout.  It’s dirty rock with a slight boogie return.  The sloppy tempos and story telling lyrics backed by shout’em up choruses are bred for cheap beer and sweaty crowds.  It’s a good time when you didn’t even know you were looking for one.