Review: Thunderbirds Are Now!

Thunderbirds Are Now!
“Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief”
(Action Driver)

Thuderbirds are Now! is fast, unorganized, chaotic and near perfect. They have taken progressive rock, gotten it drunk, dressed it up in a clown suit and rolled it down hills until it can’t even stand. After the night of partying with progressive rock they kept it in its vomit covered clown suit and have used all of its influences here.

“Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief” feels the way a kid who has constant seizures would sound playing every instrument in a high school band room at once. Not since the Volumen of Missoula, MT, have I heard such an experimental sound that you may shy away from at first listen, but go back later.

Everything on this disc is fun and creative. These guys never take themselves too seriously. Early Dismemberment Plan can be heard influencing Thunderbirds throughout the disc. Their song titles seem like punchlines to jokes the listeners aren’t in on, but they work all the same. “KGB phone sexxx,” “Kitchen ORGY”, “When it Comes to Elements, Hydrogen is Titz” and “Babygirl, I Got Ten Kids (Lets Not Make it Eleven)” are just some of the titles that bring a grin across my face because somewhere in my adolescent life I had the same jokes that were only funny to me and my friends. And Hydrogen seriously is the best element out there.