Review: Today is the Day

Today is the Day
“Sadness Will Prevail”
(Relapse Records)

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?  Of course you have, because by the time you’re reading this it’s already January (even February, possibly) but as I sit here in front of my computer on this chilly December evening, there are still seven shopping days until the 25th.  So, I’ll check my list and see if there are any schizophrenic, clinically depressed metalheads on it who could use either a bullet and a gun or this double shot of Today is the Day.

This double disc has enough metal on it to qualify as some kind of supplement for anyone suffering from anemia.  Brutal and abused musical structures that feature super-technical drumming (I thought they might have used a machine) and quick as lightening power chords dot the jagged landscape of “Sadness Will Prevail”.  Throughout the two hours (!) of despondent ugliness and pain exposed by frontman Steve Austin are the repeated themes of alienation and escapism, as song titles such as “Your Life is Over” and “The Ivory of Self Hate” might suggest.  Grindcore tends to be one of those sub-genres that you’re either into or you’re not.