Review: Troubled Hubble

Troubled Hubble
(Latest Flame Records)

From the very first listen I thought these guys sounded like a young Eels.  Their sound is so fresh and new and uninhibited.  They beat to a different drum than most other people.  I think this idea starts with the name of their album “Penturbia” which is so eloquently described in their sleeve as having “in abundance what suburbia lacks: beautiful open space,  mostly uncongested rural roads, clean air and water as well as friendly communities.”  These kids look like the kind of kids whose boyish faces anyone could like and their music speaks for itself.  Troubled Hubble is uninhibited rock music that can tear you down, bring you up and do everything in between.  When it all comes down to it you should as  “Nancy” indicates “live how you want to be loved”.  The tracks which I just can’t seem to get out of my mind for the life of me, even when I’m listening to something else include “Migraine” and “Secret”.  If I was in a band I’d want to sound just like this.  Fucking epic.