Review” T.S.O.L. “Divided We Stand”

“Divided We Stand”

Naturally, T.S.O.L. breaks no new ground with “Divided We Stand”. That’s why it rules: they haven’t fucked with what’s made them so cool for the past few albums. Let’s face it, this slightly poppy sound that singer Jack Grisham has taken during the Nitro albums is infectious. The little melodic barbs shoot out of the speakers and stick into your brain like parasites. They refuse to let you think of anything other than chanting “sex, sex, sex/fuck the violence” at the top of your lungs. Songs range from the depressing melancholy of “Again”, through to the cheesy bravado of “Fuck You Tough Guy”, but not one song is something unexpected or disturbing. While there is something to be said for an album that makes you stand up and take notice at its diversity, “Divided We Stand” makes a case for sticking to your guns and delivering nothing but steadfast punk rock rampant with smart-ass lyrics and hyper delivery.