Review: Twilight Circus

Twilight Circus
“Dub from the Secret Vaults”

Ryan Moore is the one man creative behind Twilight Circus Dub Sound System.  An admitted fan of the earliest of ROIR dub cassette releases, Moore gives some back with this album of roomy old school dub creations.  While this is the Canadian’s 11th album, it is the first with a domestic release.  Some tracks like “Slyy” show subtle touches of the bands he worked in: Legendary Pink Dots and Tear Garden.  However, most are large and languid monster steps of the echoic dub species.  The premier U.S. release was scoured from Twilight Circus’ archives for a career-spanning opus of previously unreleased material.  Fans of Bill Laswell and Lee Perry will appreciate the mysterious sounds of this dub alchemist.