Review: Uppercut

“Four Walls”

Uppercut broke up almost fifteen years ago, which means they’re older than that bottle of Crown Royal your dad has stashed above the microwave.  Uppercut were a staple of the NYHC scene back when acts like Killing Time and Side By Side were filling up CBGBs.  “Four Walls” captures Uppercut during a metamorphosis, when the band recorded some of their heavier pieces (“Salvation” and “Cause and Effect” are as menacing as anything you’ll hear) as well as some of their later efforts when the band changed their name (and their sound) to Mind’s Eye.

Mind’s Eye combined elements of mid tempo rock within their aural assault, creating a sound similar to Nirvana during their “Bleach” stage, if you can believe that.  While none of the material is overwhelmingly overwhelming (yeah, I wrote that on purpose) there’s a missing-link feel to “Four Walls” that makes it an interesting lesson in the metalcore-post-hardcore lineage.

Think of it as sort of a missing link-pretty ugly, too many muscles, not enough brain, but still something that belongs in a museum.  Just like that Crown Royal.