Review: U.S. Bombs

U.S. Bombs
“Covert Action”
(Hellcat Records)

Duane Peters has done the loop.  The freaking loop, man.  He stood on his skateboard, rolled down the tranny, hit the opposite wall, compressed, sped back towards where he’d started from, straightened, and rolled into the flat bottom.  Damn.  And that was back in the day-Duane did it first, way before Tony Hawk or Bob Burnquist (who did it switch, which is just nutty).  Duane also sings.  Not as well as he skates, but he’s not bad.

The U.S. Bombs are three chord gutter punk, ripping off Ramones riffs and Rancid bass licks and having a good time doing it.  Duane has got the whole blue-collar ethic going, singing songs about the downtrodden and the neglected in American society.  “Jon Gottie” is about how much better the Mafia would run the country, “Lab Rats” states we’re all variables in a government run suburban experiment.  Sure, why not.  There’s not too much new ground covered here on “Covert Action” as far as good old skate punk goes.  Duane’s voice is pretty average and the twin guitars are pretty predictable.  Don’t go looking for anything remarkable and you won’t be too let down.  More people have walked on the moon than skated a full loop.