Review: Vampire Moose

Vampire Moose
(Rotten Records)

There’s been some weird vampire stuff floating around for a while: we’ve had “Bunnicula” the classic elementary school book, “Frankenweenie” which I believe was directed by Tim Burton, and now we’ve got a moose.  A moose into punkish-metal, no less.  Vampire Moose, aided by the rabidly quick drumming of one Eric Baudendistel (I thought dude was using a drum machine at first) blitz their way through blinding tales of death and destruction at ten trillion beats a minute.

The Moose would like you to believe that they incorporate little slices of jazz and funk into their metallic assault, but those little snippets are all but overwhelmed by the distorted screams of singer Ryan Pulliam.  They score a few originality points for including a Bruce Campbell (“Evil Dead”) voiceover before “Welcome to S-Mart”. I’m short, what the hell do I know?