Review: Shout! The Revolution Rave-Up Alive 1997-2003

Various Artists
“Shout! The Revolution Rave-Up Alive 1997-2003”
(Kemando Records)

Holy Hell, I’m almost out of words for the review after wasting them all on the title for this compilation. I’ve never been to New York City but if I do end up there, I’ll be sure to go to the corner of 13th Street and University in the East Village to check out Bar 13.  Bar 13 has got a Sunday night party called Shout! where a lot of newer music stars (The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) have cut their teeth.

“Revolution” captures thirteen up-tempo, rockabilly tracks from acts like Vue, Elefant, The Greenhornes and a bunch of other bands that you aren’t listening to but should be.  Largely unreleased, these tracks are perfect for a sunny day road trip along the ocean, or even on your way to Vegas.

The bluesy feel of “(Walkin’) Steppin’ Pneumonia” by Witness will have you slapping your feet against the floorboards of your car just like a sick cut from “Beggar’s Banquet” by the Stones.

The demo version of “Annie” by Elefant combines just the right amount of Radiohead vocals with Modest Mouse musicianship.

Definitely pick this thing up-the combination of Classic Rock sensibilities and spectacular recordings will ensure that this thing lives in your CD player for a while.