Review: Vaux

““On Life; Living””
(Volcom Entertainment)

Volcom has become a Generation X, extreme sports and now music conglomerate.  Pretty soon they will have their own HungryMan Dinners in your local grocer’s freezer.  I just tried the new detergent and it really does get the dirt and grease out better than Tide or Clorox.  Vaux is one of the first acts added to the latest Volcom subsidiary.  They are sort of a Deftones style screamo band that would go well with, but in no way could replace, Thrice or Thursday.  I really like the vocal harmonies on “We Speed” because it gives that full screaming voice with the spoken word effect so that you can easily understand the lyrics.  In skeptical reflection on big business and becoming a big business, I fear that this group, who is probably fairly new, will gain instant success because of the label (and the money behind the label) while other more polished independent hardcore acts will go unnoticed for their hard work and dedication to music.  “On Life; Living” is a fairly good ep that is only slightly cliché.