Review: Vegas Demilo

Vegas Demilo
“Motel California”
(Pinch Hit)

Despite the surface sentiment of their Elvis Costello rip-off “Radio”, which curses the banality of mainstream music, Vegas Demillo doesn’t escape being just that:  more lousy, radio-ready pop-rock.  Well, what kind of radio-ready pop-rock?  Let’s say the worst of the Cars crossed with Aerosmith in an Everclear kind of way.  Give you any idea?  CD is “enhanced”, but not by the presense of any decent music.  Press crap comes in a big, glossy folder with a cute “do not disturb” doorknob-hanging sign to go with the whole motel theme.  These guys look like they’ve got tons of dough behind them, so prepare to be disturbed whether you like it or not.