Review: Warhammer

“Curse of the Absolute Eclipse”
(Nuclear Blast)

Hellhammer.  Celtic Frost.  That’s it.  That’s all there is to say except maybe, Hellhammer and Celtic Frost couldn’t have a better tribute than these guys who have so perfectly cloned the sound of those two bands (that are really the same band, Hellhammer is an earlier permutation of Celtic Frost) that if you were crafty with your lies you might be able to convince a part-time Celtic Frost fan that this Warhammer album is in fact a lost Celtic Frost album.

If you like Celtic Frost and wish they had recorded more stuff in the vein of “Morbid Tales” then this is the only granting your wish will receive.  There’s no originality here except for the originality of being a deliberate nigh perfect replica of another band.  And, sure, even that’s been done to death but at least the fellows in Warhammer had the decency to imitate a good band as opposed to lining up in the rows of Korn.